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Miller Illustrations was created by Mark Miller’s son, Eric Miller, and two grandsons, Bayen and Tannin Miller, to honor the incredibly rich and creative life of their father and granddad and to keep his memory alive. After retiring from his active art career, Mr. Miller kept his large collection of paintings, illustrations, sketches and sculptures together and on display in his “Gallery in a Vineyard,” located at Benmarl Vineyards, his beautiful winery estate overlooking the Hudson River in New York State. Here he charmed and dismayed visitors from all over the world, not only with wines made and grown on the property, but with stories of his life and career that wound from Oklahoma to Los Angeles to New York city and then Europe. These tales were brought to life by a trip through the property and winery where his art and sculptures abounded and his paintings adorned every wall. In the “Gallery in a Vineyard,” visitors were able to see more of his work, plus various shows Mr. Miller mounted and original publications that carried his illustrations – and to purchase various prints, remarques and restudies, as well as copies of his book, “Wine, a Gentleman’s Game” (1990).

The Miller family is now displaying many of these works on this site, and making available collotype prints, giclée prints, digital reproductions and some original illustrations. For more information, please contact Eric Miller at, or 610.574.6445.

We hope you enjoy browsing the incredible collection of our father and grandfather,
Eric Miller
Bayen Miller
Tannin Miller


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